Author Publishing Agreement

This is a text example of the Author publishing agreement signed between the Publisher and the Author




Please read the terms of this Confirmation, fill in open fields, print it out and sign. After that scan it and send the scanned document to __________________


Title of the article (“Work” or “Article”): ______________________________


Author(s) (also referred to as “Licensor(s)”): __________________________


Journal’s name and owner: Journal on Baltic Security, Baltic Defence College


  1. License

The author(s) grants the Journal owner a licence to use (particularly publish) the Article in the Journal. The use of the Article will be governed by the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Public License as currently displayed on


  1. Author’s Warranties

The author(s) warrants that the Article is original, written by stated author(s), has not been published before, contains no unlawful statements, does not infringe the rights of others, is subject to copyright that is vested exclusively in the author(s) and free of any third party rights, and that any necessary written permissions to quote from other sources have been obtained by the author(s).


  1. Copyright

The author(s) retains copyright to the Article, unless provided otherwise in this Confirmation.


  1. Attribution

If the author(s) uses the Article, he/she shall attribute the Journal as the place of first or partial publishing.


  1. Co-Authorship

Even if only one of several authors of the Article signs this Confirmation, the signatory warrants that he/she has been authorized by all co-authors to sign this Confirmation on their behalf, and agrees to inform his/her co-authors of the terms of this Confirmation.


  1. Royalties

The granted licence entitles the author(s) to no royalties or other fees, if not separately agreed otherwise.


  1. Miscellaneous

The Journal owner may conform the Article to a style of punctuation, spelling, capitalization and usage that it deems appropriate.

The author(s) acknowledges that the Article may be published under the granted licence so that it will be publicly accessible and such access will be free of charge for the readers.

The Journal owner will be allowed to sublicense the rights granted under this Confirmation to its publisher.

Any dispute arising from this Confirmation shall be settled by negotiations. If no agreement is reached, the dispute shall be settled in accordance with Estonian law in an Estonian court.


Author’s name, signature and date: ...........................................................................................